Incorporating Castform specialized vacuum forming

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All thermoformable plastics, including Polycarbonate and more…

Vacuum forming

Castform Patterns and Plastics are now part of the A.C. Acrylic Group bringing their pattern making skills and the capacity to vacuum form polycarbonate and most other thermoformable materials.

Products Include:
  1. Light Diffusers, Lighting Covers, Light Boxes
  2. Pizza Rings & Saucing Rings, Chocolate & Cake Moulds, Soap Moulds
  3. Point of Sale Displays, Custom Signage, Merchandising Dump Bins
  4. Custom Designed Electrical Boxes
  5. Stage & Theatrical - Sets & Props
  6. Concrete Paving & Edging Moulds, Stepping Stone moulds
  7. Automotive Components for New & Reproduction Vehicles
  8. Sneeze Guards
vaccum forming

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