An alternative to conventional “domed” skylights that require flashing and protrude mushroom-like from the roof, the Tilelites are moulded from clear or opal acrylic in 23 different profiles to match most popular cement and terracotta roof tiles. They simply replace existing tiles fitting snuggly into place maintaining the roofline.

AC Acrylic Tilelite Profile Chart

  1. Terra Cotta Small Marseilles Prior 1966.
  2. Shingle by Whitelaw/Shingle by Monier.
  3. Terra Cotta Large Wunderlich Modern French – also available in Single.
  4. Monier 100/Whitelaw Villa/Tudor – also available in Single.
  5. Shingle by Atlas.
  6. Roman by Monier.
  7. Slimline by Atlas/Reliance.
  8. Elebana by Monier – available in Single.
  9. Swiss by Wunderlich.
  10. Yeoman by Atlas (3 Tiles wide).
  11. Monier Modern French Terra Cotta Nubrik Marseilles.
  12. Clare/Boral Windsor.
  13. Ranch by Whitelaw.
  14. Centurion by Monier/Colourtile – also available in Single.
  15. Hacienda.
  16. Nubrik Modern French Prior 1992.
  17. Continental by Monier.
  18. Monier Swiss Terra Cotta.
  19. Monier Homestead/Traditional.
  20. Capri (S.A.)/Regent.
  21. Slate by Atlas.
  22. Chateau – By Nubrik.
  23. Macquarie – By Boral.
  • All profiles in clear or opal acrylic sheet
  • All Tilelite profiles available in double only unless otherwise marked.
  • Ceiling Diffusers “also available with or without T section frame”