Enjoy free natural daylight and reduce those expensive power bills

Skylight Domes

Our skylights will supply free natural light and ventilation to any part of your home, office or factory – ideal for:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundries
  • Hallways
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Indoor Gardens
  • Offices
  • In fact – anywhere you need light.
Skylight domes Melbourne
skylight system

AC Acrylic established the skylight industry in Victoria and has been a trusted supplier or both domestic and commercial polycarbonate skylight domes for many years and were a founding member of the Skylight Industry Association.  We supply a range of domed skylights formed from clear or opal acrylic and fabricate our own either vented or non-vented sheet metal bases to both the roofing industry and domestic market.  We have our own sheet metal shop where we fabricate using Australian Made Zincalume sheet to our standard designs or can custom make to suit your needs. We manufacture a range of clear acrylic roof tiles to match most tile profiles.  We have a large range of tooling to form square, round, or rectangular replacement skylight domes in Melbourne and throughout Australia in a huge range of sizes.  We can offer replacement skylight domes to suit our own range and most other types on the market.

We supply a range of custom-made components to the skylight industry, including domes and diffusers.

Our skylight system is the result of many years of manufacturing experience, and the design is incredibly convenient, simple and above all, it looks good!  Only high-quality acrylic is used, this gives proven long-term resistance to weathering and ageing.  (Clear and opal acrylic tops are available upon request).

Whatever the design of your building, we can provide a skylight for you.  Our skylights give a stunning visual effect for a luxurious atmosphere.

All skylights are available as supply only for the D.I.Y homeowner and country client.